President’s Message



I am honored to serve as the inaugural President of the State of Nevada Council on Black American Affairs (SNCBAA). Alongside a dynamic Board of Directors, SNCBAA’s mission is to work collaboratively with educational, business, and public service institutions with compatible goals to improve educational opportunities for Black American students and professional development and career opportunities for Black American faculty, staff and administrators.

As leaders in our communities, it is imperative to stay on the forefront of the ever changing landscape of higher education and the impact these changes have on the educational, professional, and economic growth, development, and success of our Black American students, faculty, staff, and administrators. However, awareness is only part of the solution. We must also ensure that our positions on issues affecting Black Americans are clearly articulated in the formulation of policy, decision making, curriculum development, resource allocation and career opportunities. This includes being prepared to function effectively and at a level of excellence within a world of emerging information technology.

SNCBAA is the first of its kind in the State of Nevada working collaboratively to:

  • Improve the recruitment, retention and graduation of African American students
  • Collaborate and support the targeted recruitment of African American students, faculty and staff
  • Address pipeline issues for African American students
  • Increase community engagement
  • Support the interest and advancement of African American faculty, staff, and administrators

The development of human potential, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, and creating learning and work environments that place diversity, equity, equality and inclusiveness at the forefront is of paramount importance to me. Of equal and critical importance is assisting African American staff and students in higher education in navigating career pathways and achieving success through attaining educational and employment goals and by removing barriers to social mobility and economic success.

These goals can only be accomplished through the power of unity, advocacy, and the influence of the collective voice. I am honored to be part of a force working diligently to expand and enhance the voice of SNCBAA across college campuses, specifically within the Nevada System of Higher Education, and supporting state legislature where African American students, staff, faculty and administrator concerns can be addressed at a more global level. I challenge you to be part of the solution by joining and supporting this dynamic organization today.

Educate, Advocate, Empower, Impact
Stephanie C. Hill, President
State of Nevada Council on Black American Affairs